Come To Spelcheckia!

An Explanation

Two or three years ago, sitting in work and at a loose end (those were the days!), I got to idly wondering how the names of my colleagues would come out if they were run through MS Word's spell-checker.

Within a few minutes, I had some real beauts as some of my colleagues were translated into a parallel universe.

My original intention had been to write a straight (-ish) piece for the office magazine about this, but inspiration was running very low and nothing came of it.

A few months later, I was sitting at home trying to overcome Christmas indulgence when the idea came to me that a fictional landscape might be better. So, I set to it with biro and paper (pre-PC days, these) and within a couple of days, I had knocked off the piece of old tat you may be about to read.

OK, many of the nuances will be totally lost on you, because you don't work where I do. I think, though, that you might find enough references to the real world to make the experience of reading a pleasant one.

If you see a red exclamation mark on a white background next to a name, put your mouse over it - it'll tell you the original name. As I say in the Disclaimer at the beginning of Episode 1, there is no link whatsoever between the person with the real name and the character portrayed in the story. I just hope my colleagues will still be speaking to me in a week or two from now...

So, if you're ready, click on the link below and be transported to the Republic of Spelcheckia, where things may not be as strange as they seem...

Episode 1

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