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The Story Of A Life...


The life-form known as The Judge was born.

Further than that nothing can be known for certain, except that he has never been employed as a bodyguard for a paranoid Saudi prince; or as a circus hand with special responsibility for lions, tigers and elephants (you know, the really interesting animals); nor has he travelled widely in the Kalahari or Tibet. To the best of his knowledge, he has never been married to Madonna but, such is the woeful state of his karma, he feels he might have been in a previous existence.

What little he is able or willing to confirm suggests that he has now retired from trying not to work in the UK civil service (where his formidable skills of sabotage were in any case somewhat surplus to requirements much of the time), is galloping wildly past sixty, and lives alone with his dodgy pulmonic valve.


"But Why 'The Judge'?"

Well, when I started work with The Depratment some thirty years ago, I was placed alongside a couple of cheeky young sports - who are now a couple of cheeky middle-aged sports - who thought that my chin looked a bit like that of Judge Dredd as played by Stallone in the movie which had not long come out.

So, they started calling me 'Judge'. They still do.

When it came time for me to have my own website and to choose a domain name for it, it seemed like the obvious choice.

Look, I never said it was interesting, did I?