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Date: 02/06/07

Advance Notice

The revamp of the site is now a week away, and it's unlikely that I'll be posting anything more on the site until then, so this is just a note about what will happen next weekend.

As I intend it at the moment, at some point during the afternoon (local time) of Saturday 9 June (my forty-fifth birthday - hint, hint!), the whole of the existing site will go offline and be replaced by a holding page. This is because the new version will be arranged differently, and it's going to be easier (and less confusing for me) just to pull the old site in its entirety.

Once the old site has been deleted from the server, I'll start putting the new version there. As this involves uploading over 900 files, it's likely to take a bit of time. I hope, however, to have completed that part of the job by late Saturday night.

I'll then spend some time testing the site, just to make sure that all is as it should be. Once I'm satisfied that it is, the holding page will be replaced by the new front page, and all will be sweetness and light again.

This timetable is, of course, dependent on reality and unforeseen circumstances not intruding, so should only be considered an approximation.

Please note that if you have bookmarks, favorites or whatever pointing to pages within the existing site, these may well not work after the revamp. If you still can't find them after going to the new front page and picking the most likely destination, please let me know (at webmasterATjudgementalDOTplusDOTcom - replace the capital letters with the symbols) and I'll give you the new url.

I hope you'll like the new layout and organisation.