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Date: 27/05/08

Riding The Last Train Home

Photo of 'Utah' Phillips

Bruce Duncan Phillips
Folk singer, storyteller and political activist
b. 15 May 1935, d. 23 May 2008

'Utah' Phillips was a very remarkable man. A writer and singer of songs about the stories which the rich and malign corporate shills who run America would like to bury forever: the struggles of the workers, the poor and the homeless; a teller of tales - some tall, most not so - about his years of drifting around on the railroad following his traumatic military service in Korea; a ceaseless campaigner for economic and social justice.

I won't go on, but just refer you to this obituary at the website of the Industrial Workers of the World, an organisation of which he was a proud member and whose message he sought to spread wherever he went.

'Utah''s own website is here.

Oh, and while you're here, sit yourself down and sample a slice of 'Utah''s Moose Turd Pie (preceded by one of the most wonderfully groan-making puns I've ever come across - it took me a while to get the joke, so if you don't 'see' it, let me know and I'll tell you).