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Date: 06/11/08

Count The Days (Yet Again)

For the third year in a row, JudgeCo™ is proud to present its annual calendar.

I've been surprised at how many times the 2008 ones were downloaded: in fact, there seem to have been people who were still downloading them right up to when I took them from the site a couple of weeks ago.

There was a slight behind-the-scenes change this year. Instead of using Microsoft Publisher™ (which is still installed on my old Windows 98 machine), I thought I'd try using OpenOffice's Calc program which is installed on my XP rig.

Apart from the odd quirk which I hadn't been expecting, this seemed to work very well - especially as OpenOffice has an 'Export to PDF' function which Office 2000 doesn't.

(I daresay most of you use Adobe Acrobat to read .pdf files with. You needn't, you know. For some time I've been using Foxit Reader. It's a far smaller download, it doesn't bloat your system, and it does just about anything most people would need for reading .pdf files.)

The photographs are slightly smaller this year, which means that the files are only 3.4 to 3.8 MB in size rather than last year's mammoth 4 MB+.

The photographs don't necessarily reflect the time of the year the page refers to (although they were all taken this year), and don't range - geographically speaking - very far from home. This is because our shitty summer made it impossible for me to go anywhere further afield than a couple of miles.

I'm particularly proud of the April one, and I hope no-one is freaked out by the September one.

As with last year, there are three versions: a plain one, with nothing other than days and dates; a UK one which shows public holidays and when the clocks go forward and back; and a US one which shows federal holidays.

Click on your icon of choice below to download one. Hell, download all of them if you want! All you then need to do is to print it out and bind it.

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