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Date: 15/11/08

Linked Up (Almost...)

For a while now (ever since the revamp of the site's design in the middle of last year) I've been unhappy with the Links page on this site.

Part of the problem was to decide exactly how I was going to redesign it.

Searching around the Net gave me a few ideas to work on. So last week I set to it.

Only to find, once again, that cross-browser compatability is a bit like Gandhi's description of Western civilisation, i.e., it would be a very good idea. What worked in one browser wouldn't work in another. Effects which looked one way in Firefox looked completely different in Opera. And, as ever, nothing worked properly in Internet Explorer.

After a few a days of testing (and swearing) I reached some sort of compromise with the grand ideals I'd set out with a few days before, and found what they call a modus vivendi; in other words, a fudge.

So, it'll work fine in Firefox and SeaMonkey. It'll also work in Opera (and in testing that, I found a couple of other issues with Opera, one of which is still outstanding and I can't find out what's causing it). It'll also work in Internet Explorer, but only after a fashion, because IE doesn't support the :hover feature properly. It'll still provide the links, though.

The new-look Links page should be released into the wild in the next day or two, although it might still get tweaked a bit as I go along.

I've also changed the links in the navigation sidebar so that they look more like buttons. Yeah, big deal. Looks OK, though.

Update: The new-style Links page is now up.