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Date: 05/11/09

How The Years Roll By

As promised three weeks ago, the JudgeCo™ Calendar for 2010 is now ready.

Actually, it's been ready for over a fortnight, but I've held off on publishing it until now for a couple of reasons: firstly, because I didn't want to be too quick off the mark with it (although it's coming out a day earlier than last year's); and secondly because when I did a trial print of it last week, I found that my favoured .pdf reading software, Foxit Reader, had a very serious bug in its then-latest version which meant that it wouldn't print most of the text. Including the day numbers, something of a handicap if you're trying to print a calendar.

The problem now seems to have been cured by an update to the program (which you can get here), so it's all systems go for the Calendar, which you can download by clicking on whichever icon below suits you. As ever, there are three versions: a UK one, a US one (both of these showing national/federal public holidays), and a plain version. Then all you have to do is print it off and bind it.

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