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Date: 04/03/11

Progress Report

So, one week on from my diagnosis, how are things?

OK, I suppose. Being in work does help, because my colleagues are pure gold and because the job - stultifyingly boring as it is - at least gives me something to occupy my mind. It's when I'm not distracted that what I have started to call the 'prisoner complex' begins to edge towards me with a vengeful leer on its ugly mush.

This means that late evenings and weekends are the most awkward times, and I have to find things to do to divert my attention.

The mood swings are a bit bothersome, if only because they can take place within such a short timescale that I never get used to one state of mind before I have to deal with a different one.

I'm measuring them on a scale of -10 to +10. Usually during the day I seem to be oscillating between about +4 (which is a state of mild, extrovert euphoria) down to about -4 (a sort of dulled numbness where nothing seems worth the effort very much).

In short, I'm coping. But I'll be glad when I get the date of my first therapy session.