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Date: 30/05/11


I'm fully aware that - especially given recent turns in my life - my mind may be heading for the Recycle Bin, but I'm sure I didn't imagine this.

Standing by the back door just now, and I could hear a bird making a right old song and dance. I looked up and saw two small birds in the upper branches of the silver birch which stands at the back corner of the garden.

One of them was making those fast clacking sounds with his beak which made him sound like a Japanese Geiger counter. And then I heard him say:

"Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?"

And then back to the clacking again, interspersed with staccato tweets.

I stood there doubting my own sanity for the umpteenth time today, when I heard it come round again:

"Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?"

He then made an attempt to mount the bird standing next to him, failed ignominiously and flew off.

I don't know what sort of bird this was. The other bird remained but, even using my binoculars, I couldn't make it out in the fading light.

Some breeds of bird are useful mimics, of course. There was a blackbird which used to nest by the office which could do the reversing warning of a truck better than the real thing, and another of his breed around my garden who could imitate the telephone of the people across the road.

Life imitating life.