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Date: 14/08/11

Admin Notice

Admin might notice, but probably no-one else will.

As my free webspace amounts to 250MB, I have to ration things a bit, especially as the site content (in terms of posts) is not going to go down.

So, something else has to go. Last time it was most of the music clips, this time it's the turn of the graphic content.

Not that I've actually got rid of anything this time, mind. Instead, I've taken all the images posted here and compressed them a bit more. The aim being to have no graphic (be it an illustration, a photograph or a what-'ave-yew) bigger than 100KB.

It doesn't seem to make a noticeable difference to what you can see, I think. And it appears to have cut the overall size of the site by about 40MB, which will leave more room for another few years of Rants, Raves and aperçus.