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Date: 03/09/11

A Sort Of Update

I'm aware that I haven't given much information as to my well-being in recent months. This is partly because it could only ever be of passing interest to anyone other than I an' I, and partly because things seem to have settled down a little bit.

I think that once the whole business regarding The Employer's rather less than accomodating behaviour had been wrapped up, some of the stress went from out of PBI's life.

Not that this has meant that normality (however one may define that slippery concept) has been fully restored. I described here my attempts to distance myself from things which would cause my 'prisoner complex' to flare up. And it would probably have worked pretty well had it not been for all the high-profile cases over the last few weeks of hundreds of people getting a grand shafting by the combined might of corrupt and thuggish police, performance-target-chasing prosecutors, a politically-compliant judiciary, screaming scum media and politicians who don't know when to shut the fuck up. The abuse of power exercised by these groups - and the manifest and malicious glee which they have exhibited whilst doing so - has created a deep anger in me. I find myself identifying yet again with the victims of this judicial activism, and my sympathies lie with most of them rather than with the self-righteous, purse-lipped "decent, hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying, cliché-ridden folk" who seem to be so consumed by the desire to find a group of people it can hate with official approval that they totally fail to realise that what is being done to those people now will almost inevitably be the fate which will befall them or someone they care about in due course.

I have reached the conclusion that the clocks have been turned back with a vengeance. Living through the 1980s once was bad enough - that time where society was set at war with itself for the benefit of hard-line ideologues who had no compunction in punishing the vulnerable and turning them into hate-objects for the insecure middle classes who showed themselves to be far less tolerant than they claimed to be - but to have to see the same thing coming around again is deeply troubling for anyone with something which approximates to a functioning conscience, and who can see the catastrophic waste of lives which is the inevitable consequence of such attitudes.

Back to me, then. I still haven't had any of the therapy sessions I was referred to/for/through over six months ago. I could arrange something similar via The Employer's outsourced welfare system, but it doesn't seem to be a major issue to me just yet, so I'll hold off on that for the moment.

Suffice it to say that, as that melancholy time of year comes round again whereby I realise that one more of my few remaining summers has passed into oblivion, I'm not looking forward to winter.