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Date: 31/03/12

Long Time No 'C'

For months I've been passing this sign on the way in to work of a morning. It stands outside a local pub:

Signboard outside a pub advertising its 'Funtion Room'

And it's exactly the same on the other side...

..complete with those bloody apostrophes! animation of 'smiley' banging its head against a wall

Now, either no-one has bothered to tell the landlord about it (or they're too scared to tell him), or none of his clientele thinks there's anything wrong with it (I forbear to comment).

I took the above photograph this afternoon, shortly after coming across the following notice, which seems to indicate a degree of temporal confusion:

Sign saying that gravestones 'will be continued to be inspected'

I think they must have continued to been had problems there.