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Date: 28/05/12

Tilling A Fifty-Acre Field With A Pair Of Knitting Needles

Back on 6 May, I mentioned that I was about to start the process of re-organising the site, and that it was likely to take some time.

'Likely' is now 'absolutely dead-shit certain'.

The idea - such as it is - had been festering in my mind for a year or two. It basically involves giving each item in the Rants, Raves and Not A Blog sections its own page, so as to make it easier to link to each item rather than have to use anchors in the code (which tend to knacker up the function of the 'Back' button on most browsers).

Size-wize, I think it's doable, but this site has grown to such a stage whereby I need to create close on a thousand new pages, and to develop tags or labels for each subject covered.

The upshot of this is that I am still in the very early stages of the whole thing, and have had to give up on the idea of having it all go live before the ninth anniversary of the site in mid-June. Indeed, I'll be surprised if the big old oak tree in my front garden will still have leaves on it by the time I finish.

At least it takes the haste out of the whole enterprise, though. It means that I can go through the thing thoroughly and test it all rigorously before forcing it upon you out there in Internet Land.