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Date: 07/09/12


A brief note to explain why it's quiet here at the moment.

I am now over three months in to what needs to be done to revamp the site. I've remarked before that it's proving to be a long job. In short, I left it far too long.

First off, each separate item in the Rants, Raves and Not A Blog sections has been given its own separate page. This - I hope - will make it easier for people to find things and for anyone to make links to them.

Then, each item has to be given its category/ies (they're called tags on those mass-produced sites where everything is done for you, but I'm doing this from scratch and off my own bat), and each category needs its own index page.

Having sorted that out, I'm going through checking, amending and (where necessary) deleting links. After that, I'm going to see if I can present the category and archive pages with CSS rather than with tables (which is what I've done so far just to get the job started).

C'mere, there's more. I then have to proofread and validate every single page. There are currently about 1200 of them.

Given the technical problems I had a few weeks ago, and a sagging vitality which has forced me to get my anti-SADS lightbox out a few weeks earlier than normal, then it's scarcely surprising that I've not put much new stuff up here of late. A new item means that I've got to do the thing twice; once in the old-fashioned way and then create a separate page in the development site (plus updating the relevant category pages). So there's not exactly an incentive to be voluble at the moment.

I've just started a fortnight off work (well-earned and desperately needed, I can assure you), so the pace might pick up a bit until the second half of the month.

Don't touch that dial...