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Date: 05/11/12

Where I Am, As If It Matters

The revamp of the site is - I hope - nearing a conclusion. Most of the technical issues have been sorted out, but now I have the long, laborious job of proof-reading all the pages (close on 1500 of them). Then I have to validate them and hope that I don't find a coding error in one page which I have copied to all the others (this has happened before).

That's why I've been quiet on the US Corporate Stooge Election, the ongoing furore over a creepy man being allowed to ride roughshod on (and up) generations of impressionable young people, or even the briefest flickering of sanity shown by the English judiciary in freedom of speech cases.

When what passes for 'normal service' resumes in a few weeks time, I think you're all going to be very sorry indeed...