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Date: 18/11/12

The Lost Weekend

This was supposed to be an interesting and exciting weekend.

You see, I've bought a new PC, and this was the time when I was supposed to be prepping for the changeover and actually setting up my new Windows 7 PC (7, rather than 8, note: never trust a Microsoft OS until it has gone through at least one Service Pack).

Unfortunately, Thursday - having been marked by my going to deliberately spoil my ballot paper in the Police Commissioner election by writing on it, "Don't politicise the police, police the politicians!" (yes, MI5, that was me, and screw you), followed by a satisfactory chat with my specialist nurse - was also marked by my annual visit from Captain Sinus and the Snot Fairy, which has led to my spending three days in bed. And so my new PC remains in its box whilst I catch up on all my browsing, e-mails and Usenet and then try to prep my prepping.

(It didn't help that I foolishly said 'yes' to a young lass calling from a market research company this afternoon, and spent about half an hour answering repetitive questions on cola and Jimmy Savile).

What it also means, of course, is that the work on The Great Revamp has come to a halt for the moment. I'm not even sure it'll get done in time to go live before the year's end now.

Frustrating, I call it.