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Date: 13/02/13

Good Food!

In all the recent tra-la-la about what we may unwittingly be boiling, frying, grilling or sizzling (Question: which, ethically, psychologically and peptically, is the worse: Unnamed meat or misnamed meat? Discuss), it's nice to know that there is the occasional moment of uplift to be found.

In the list of ingredients of my main meal today is the following:

"Reformed ham"

I'm so happy for it, and so very pleased to see it. After all, I wouldn't want anything criminal in my diet: that would be for Tesco or Findus to do, were I sufficiently deluded to allow either of them the chance.

Similarly, in the days when I followed US baseball, I would often come across a headline on mlb.com or ESPN along the lines of:


On reading further, I would inevitably find that the team's hot-corner man, far from walking out on his team-mates, had in fact agreed a new contract.

Dash it all!