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Date: 05/06/13

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10 Out Of 10 - Thirty Dark Years (2009)

I have often written about politics here, but usually in the form of 'drive-by' commenting on a particular issue which may have been in the news at the time.

I have seldom allowed myself to resort to what amounts to an essay on the subject, partly out of an awareness that such things take more time to put together than I'm prepared to commit myself to, but mostly out of an awareness that, a) others have done/are doing it far better, and b) that I might commit some atrocity against fact that would leave me in a state of permanent embarrassment (vox audita perit, vox scripta manet, vox telarum manet ad aeternam).

There are times, however, when the effort most definitely must be made, either to provide what I hope to be an insight into Great Events™ as they affect individuals, or to seek to undermine attempts by those with the power to do so effectively to rewrite history.

So when the thirtieth anniversary of the coming to power of Margaret Thatcher approached in May 2009, I felt obliged both to provide a personal narrative and - far more importantly - to go some way to counteracting the Authorised Version of the events of that time and since; an Authorised Version which has once more been given free rein in recent weeks following the death of Thatcher herself.

As with yesterday's piece, click on the 10 out of 10 button above to read an alternative take on the story of the last three decades in our increasingly fragmented and benighted society.