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Date: 10/06/13

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10 Out Of 10 - The Year Of The Feral Overclass (2011)

End-of-year pieces. I hate having to write them.

Yet write them I must, in deference to that clause in the Bloggers' Code™ which states, "Thou shalt do thy best to sum up".

They are always tendentious, always long and always torture. And that's just the reading of them. The writing of the bastards is a whole new level of sado-masochism altogether.

This is especially true of my tour d'horizon for 2011, the year in which my life seemed to be about to tumble headlong into an eternal shit-pit due to events brought about by an abuse of power, and the year in which those who hold power in a wider context seemed no longer to know or care that their own abuses were not only casting the lives of certain individuals into the ka-ka as well, but were undermining the last vestiges of any valid claims we may have of living in free, fair and - above all else - just societies. Whether it was governments deliberately demonising the poor, the jobless and even the chronically ill and disabled in order to get their ideologically-driven hatred enshrined in public policy; or a gleefully out-of-control judiciary throwing not only the book but most of the library at people for offences which would scarcely warrant more than a medium-pace community sentence at any other time (with, once again, the imprimatur of those same politicians); or self-styled 'Christians' in one of the US' many asshole hick towns showing how well they understand their Bibles by shunning and threatening a young man whose only 'offence' was to point out that the law and the Constitution were being wilfully broken by his high school; whichever of these (and there were more examples) you cared to consider, the one thing they had in common was that they were all examples of the most egregious and shameless abuses of power. And that, my dears, is something I always have to write about, even if it has the potential to affect the reader like a sock-full of wet sand striking just behind the left ear.

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