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Date: 13/06/13

Button saying '10 Out Of 10'

10 Out Of 10 - Fifty Is An Irrational Number (2012)

It's my website, right, so I'm going to end my dredging expedition to mark the tenth anniversary of this site (ten years to this very day, in fact; there's symmetrical, iznit?) with one last piece of introspection, typed on the eve of my fiftieth birthday. If you want to see what a mid-life crisis can look like up close, click on the 10 out of 10 button above.

One final note: thanks to all who have - inadvertently I'm sure in many cases - cast their eyes over this site over the past decade and have - just occasionally - got in touch. I intend carrying on while the impulse and the energy remain, and while there's something to be amused or enraged by. I'm glad you're there; I bet you wish you could say the same...