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Date: 12/05/14

End Of The Shift

Photo of Nash The Slash

Nash The Slash (Jeff Plewman)
b. 26 March 1948, d. 10 May 2014

About twenty years ago, I bought a rather battered copy of the first OMD LP from Phase One in Wrexham.

When I got it home, I found that there was also a flexi in there - one given away with an issue of Smash Hits magazine - featuring a version of one of the tracks from that album, plus one other by someone I had never heard of, and who seemed to perform the whole time dressed in weird costumes with his head swathed in bandages.

Even without the imagery, I was struck by the track, Swing Shift. Here's that same lo-fi flexi version.

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(Thanks to Alex for the news)