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Date: 25/01/15

Winter Blooms

Nature's weird, isn't it?

A few years ago, I sowed some wallflower seeds in the narrow bed which lies between the side wall of the house and the path. Once they had stopped flowering in June, I read somewhere that - if you cut them back to about three inches - they would possibly flower again that year.

So, I did just that. But no further blooms appeared.

Until the following December, when a fresh - if small - flourishing of flowers appeared.

This last summer, I did the same thing. With exactly the same result. I've never thought of wallflowers as being suitable Christmas decorations, but I may have to revise that opinion.

Of course, the colder spell we've had in the last week or so has all but done for them, but it was - as the papers say - a plucky bid.

Standing by the back door just now, I looked over to the area where The Shed used to be, and which is now starting to grow over (even if a substantial proportion of it is merely moss). I saw this:

Photo of a blue primrose

I suppose Nature's avid desire to propagate makes it inevitable that it should seek every possible avenue to grow (even if it is a bloody wasp), but I don't remember things like this happening when I were a lad. Someone tell the Congressional Republicans and 'Lord' Monckton, would you?