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Date: 06/05/15

This 1 Was A Winner

Oh, hell! It looks like it really is going to be one of those years...

70s photo of Errol Brown

Lester Errol Brown
Singer, songwriter
b. 12 November 1943, d. 6 May 2015

I never quite 'went' for Hot Chocolate in their 70s heyday, but I recognised the sheer magnetism of the voice and the appearance of their lead singer, epitomising - as he appeared to do - the sexy without the overtly and off-puttingly raunchy.

This was one of their later smashes, which I remember becoming a hit during the time I was rehearsing The Thwarting Of Baron Bolligrew and trying not to revise for my O-levels - a period which now seems as far away in time as the Siege of Vienna. I really dig Harvey Hinsley's guitar on this, not to mention that tight rhythm section of Patrick Olive and Tony Connor. This 1 was a winner all the way:

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