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Date: 09/03/16

A Most Productive Life

Photo of George Martin

George Henry Martin
Record producer, composer, arranger
b. 3 January 1926, d. 8 March 2016

Ye Gods! We're really losing some big names aren't we?

Forget Mad Meek and Spooky Spector; this man was the most important producer in popular music history. What he did for - and with - The Beatles took music production forward a generation or more. But he'd had a grounding in the slightly off-beat prior to his association with them, as a producer of comedy records for Parlophone.

Like this little gem from Bernard Cribbins, for example:

It wasn't just his production which took the lovable mop-topped scallies to the peak, though. There was his skill at arrangement, epitomised by his scoring of the string quartet backing on Eleanor Rigby:

(I would have liked to have included his production on I Am The Walrus at this point, but the suits who own The Beatles' recordings have sedulously ensured that virtually none of it appears on YouTube. The above video is blocked in certain 'territories' anyway).

And finally, as a composer and conductor, he made history in another way by composing and recording the music which first introduced the programmes of BBC Radio 1 in 1967:

Thank you, sir; your legacy will live on.