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Date: 13/01/17

Have I The Right?

If you look at the front page of this 'ere site (which you probably don't do very much, and small blame to you for that), you will now see this:

Screenshot of the Creative Commons licence for this site

I've been pondering this change for a little while. The main reason for doing this is that I don't keep this site going to make money out of it (in fact, it costs me a little bit, but nothing that I can't comfortably absorb, and thank you for asking anyway), and so the original material here is not intended to make me wealthy - should any of it be worth that much, which it isn't. So having a restrictive copyright over it seems a little bit, well...precious. It may also be the reason why no-one seems ever to have wanted to disseminate this guff further (pace the ever-estimable Philip Challinor, who is kind enough to Tweet links to these assemblages of variegated navel lint), although I may just be deluding myself on that point.

For this reason, and from this date forth, all original material here will come under a Creative Commons Licence (or 'License', as they insist on having it), which gives You, The Reader™ certain rights with regard to the use of it. You can read the terms of the relevant License here. There are other types of license available, as you can read here.