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Date: 01/04/17

Bigging Up

In case anyone wonders (or cares, for that matter), I've increased the default font sizes on this 'ere site again. Whether it's a function of my failing eyesight or what, but the existing font sizes (which I implemented as recently as two-and-a-bit years ago) seemed to be getting difficult to read.

As ever, if you have 'issues' with the new sizes, you can always adjust them to suit yourself by using one of the methods I describe in the above link. You can also - in all the browsers named there - hold down the 'Ctrl' button while rotating your mouse wheel.

(In other news; no, I haven't changed webhosts yet. The domain is due for renewal in a few weeks time and - as my current hosts are also the holders of the registration - I just know that things would go wrong if the two processes happened in proximity to one another. So I'm leaving it for now.)