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Date: 20/08/17

Bits And Bobs

I've got a bit twitchy about the fact that it's been a long time since I added anything to this section of the site. It's just that we seem to be going through a Marmite Era, in that the things I can be bothered to write about are at one extreme or another of experience.

What follows is what could be called a 'miscellany-at-large' or - as one of the motoring magazines I devoured in my pre-adolescent petrol-head state (Autocar, if I recall correctly) used to call a column of similar intent - "Disconnected Jottings":

Let's end with some music. 1941 wasn't Spielberg's best movie, although it had its moments. But John Williams' music was very good, especially the 1941 March. Even for a comedy movie, this is stirring stuff:

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