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Date: 24/10/17

All Together Now

The Abu Bin-Dependent alerts us to a truly historic occasion:

Screenshot from the 'Independent': 'All former US presidents appear together at hurricane relief concert'

I did a little eavesdropping...

"Dick? Who are all those guys?"

"They're the ones who came after us, Gerry."


"I told you you shouldn't have come out tonight, Harrison. You'll catch your death."

"Hey, Dwight! Who's that nigger? Is he their houseboy?"

"Jackson!! That's number Forty-Four!"

"Was I right?"


"Who's that dumb-looking son-of-a-bitch? The orange one?"

"He refused to come tonight. He's too busy on his iPhone."

"Not him, shit-for-brains! The one over there who looks as if he's been unplugged from the mains."

"That's Reagan."

"REAGAN!!!? You mean that fuckwit from California got to be President?"

"Twice, Lyndon."

"Shit! Looks like I checked out just in time!"

"Hush your mouth, boy; he's coming over."

"Hello, Ronnie. How ya doin'?"


"Hell, he's dropped his cards again. Here, Ronnie. Try it again. How are you?"


"What a fucking bust! Why don't you go and play with your chimp?"

"....I can't....he's just gone to drive his daddy home..."

"They let him drive, Jack?"

"Well, it was either him or my brother Ted..."