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Date: 21/12/17

The End Of The End-Of-The-Year Show

I Have Decided.

(Note the element of ownership in that sentence, by the way; I detest those statements made by people using the formula, "It has been decided...", invoking the passive voice to cover their own part in some stupid act by hiding behind the Groupface).

No, I have decided.

Decided that this year's end-of-year piece - assuming that I ever finish writing the bastard - will, barring a substantial and unlikely change of circumstances, be the last for the time being.

There may be a number of reasons why I've done this. One of them may be the increasing inability to make sense of increasingly senseless events and processes in the world; another might be that the effort is out of all proportion to the result, either in terms of quality or breadth of readership.

But the main reason is that the bloody thing hangs over my head like a cloud of miniature vampires from early November onwards and - for that reason - removes what little joie I may have in my vivre for weeks on end. The purgative effect of finally getting it out is scant consolation for the way it preys on my mind for the last two months of the year (a time when upbeat thoughts are hard to come by in any case); the relief which may come from squeezing such a Yule-log out of your system may be genuine, but you still feel pretty queasy for days afterwards.

And it could well be the reason why the last two to three weeks have seen me fall into a state of Depression lower than at any time since the dark days of early 2011. Need that, I do not.

That doesn't mean that I will have nothing to say on events, of course; very far from it. It's just that I will no longer have to face the prospect of corralling so many wild horses into a conveniently-packaged paddock in late December, when I find that it is getting more and more difficult to remember what happened in the prior twelvemonth anyway (this at least in part due to my blanking out much of it as a sanity-survival mechanism).

I apologise for leaving you in the lurch like this, but there you are. I Have Decided.