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Date: 06/03/18

Sickie, Don't Lose That Number

I mentioned (fairly) recently my increasing problems with regard to remembering things.

The human memory is a strange and capricious beast, however, and this afternoon I had further clear evidence of this.

I was waiting for the bus home from work (I started back yesterday) and suddenly - and totally - recalled the office telephone number of a former colleague of mine. He worked in another office, but was part of the same team of IT Support droids, so I had reason to call him up regularly.

When his number was dialled it naturally played a different note for each digit. With his number, if you got the tempo and cadence right, it played a pleasing and jaunty little melody. You started with '9' for an outside line, then the area code and then his number. That's eleven twelve notes in all.

Unfortunately, I can't reveal the number so that you can try this at home because, although my colleague moved to Glasgow over a decade ago and his former workplace shut around about the start of this decade, it is likely that BT have reallocated that number to someone else and, as someone who is made apoplectic by junk calls on my own landline at home, I wouldn't wish a similar fate on anyone else.

But it's spooky all the same, isn't it?