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Date: 23/04/18


As has long been my regular practice, I have been going through the embedded videos linked here to make sure they're still functioning.

As expected, there were a few which have disappeared since I last checked, and I haven't always been able to find replacements for them. There are some which I had had to remove previously where I now have been able to track down an alternative.

The biggest job has been as a result of YouTube quite clearly making some subtle change to their embed code which meant that some of the pages from prior to about 2011 had to have small but annoying amendments made to their codes.

And then there are many others which - at least when I click on them in my home copy of the page - bring up that infuriating message of the sort I described here. This has brought me the only real entertainment to be afforded by the exercise; trying to guess which version of it will come up, which multi-mega-media corp will be trying to hyper-monetise their 'intellectual property'. Will it be Stupid Malodorous Eejits (SME)? Or Wankers and Malevalent Goons (WMG)? Or even Ubiquitous Moronic Gits (UMG)?

Also, I'm having trouble with the embedding of the (mercifully few, if only for this reason) clips from Liveleak. The embed code seems to work for a small percentage of them but not for all. More research needed here.