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Date: 28/05/18

They're Everywhere!

What with them poisoning (allegedly, with no proof whatsoever for the assertion) their own discarded spies in one of England's most picturesquely dull cities; with their similar alleged interference in an electoral system which hardly stands in need of any further sabotage (ditto); and with the whole of The Free World® preparing for a New Cold War™, I think I've just discovered another entry point for the demnation Russkies, in the form of the guarantee card for the new hedge trimmer I had to buy last week:

Scan of part of a guarantee card which has Cyrillic script on the section labelled 'UK'

(Yes, yes, I know! 'UK' here - quite differently to the usual conventions - means 'Ukraine' (and it took me a little while to tumble to it), but don't spoil the bloody joke, will yer? I'm supposed to be King Pedant around here).