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Date: 14/06/18

One Thing...Or 'The Other'

I'm not quite sure what to make of this:

Bag of crisps advertising 'Virgin Experience Days'

It's either promoting the most riotous - if shambolic - orgy, or the very definition of a non-event.

PS. Pickled onion Monster Munch doesn't taste anywhere near as good as it used to.

Footnote: Looking further down the bag, I spotted something that was almost sinister:

Wording on a bag of crisps implying that the Republic of Ireland is part of the UK

Note the wording. It says 'UK', then it says it includes Northern Ireland (which the UK does anyway), then says it includes the Republic of Ireland, which it most emphatically does not. I know that it's very difficult for the English to acknowledge that they haven't ruled most of Ireland for nearly a hundred years - imperial delusions take a long time to die - and I also know that there are colonialist loons and Yoons who think that they should again, but stating it so boldly on snacks is coming it a bit.