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Date: 21/08/19

Which Nation? What Unity?

I've had a sarky letter published in the Guaraniad. And - to give due credit - the only changes they made were to remove my satirical inverted commas from around the words 'union', 'nation' and 'united'.

It was the second paragraph of the giddy old trout's letter which set me off; only if viewed from the centrist, centralist London perspective could devolution (which - as has frequently been pointed out - means that all meaningful powers are retained by the Empire, and any inconvenient use of the few powers devolved can be blocked even up to the device of removing those powers by ministerial fiat) possibly be viewed as 'working well'.

Things seem to be moving ahead here in EFC (England's First Colony), and independence as an idea appears to be moving close to the mainstream except in the corrupt, indolent politico-media balloon (that's like a bubble, but with far more hot air) around K-e-e-e-erdiff. YesCymru groups are springing up all over the shop, the reaction to the vandalising of the 'Cofiwch Dryweryn' memorial at Llanrhystud has seen the creation of 'copycat' murals across the land, and there's even a possibility that the self-styled 'Parti Of Wls' may finally be climbing off the fence; if they can tear themselves away from giving the party of austerity-assisters a free run at by-elections, of course.

As so often, Dic Mortimer is in fine form on why this should be the case, and upon the rank hypocrisy of BritNat politicians and other charlatans - such as Stephen (son of Milord and Milady) Kinnock - who claim a spurious and unconvincing 'internationalism' whilst wrapping themselves in the Union Jack-off.