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Date: 20/10/20

Help Needed

The passive malignity of the universe is, of course, a given. Its most frequent verbal expression is to be found in the phrase, "Shit things happen to good people".

Such a fate has befallen the superb Paul Kavanagh, who has been blogging and campaigning with earthy wit and passion about Scotland's independence campaign for a number of years.

At the beginning of last week, Paul was hospitalised after suffering a stroke. He is now on the rehab ward and - amongst other things - having to learn to type again so that he can recommence giving Scotland's enemies (and fair-weather friends) both barrels on a regular basis.

To put the tin tam on it, the famous and revered Wee Dug himself, Ginger - a loved presence at talks and rallies all over Scotland over a number of years - had to be put to sleep at the start of this week due to advanced arthritis, and it was Paul's husband Peter Bellefleur who had to arrange for Ginger's passing.

Given that the stroke may well leave Paul permanently paralyzed down his left side (he's left-handed, just to add another layer of crapitude to the situation) and that he and Peter currently live in a top-floor tenement flat, he is going to need more appropriate ground-floor accomodation. To this end, he and Peter have set up a crowdfunder to make up the difference from selling their flat to buy a more suitable new residence.

Details of how to contribute can be found here.

Please give well (if you're able to, of course) to someone who has given so much to his nation.