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Date: 12/08/22

"I Wonder Where Dem Boidies Iz?" (*)

This is a bit spooky.

I haven't seen or heard a single bird around here for the last two days, apart from a flock of homing pigeons and one solitary crow paying a passing visit to the silver birch tree in the back garden.

Not a blackbird, not a robin, nor even any of the sparrows which usually flit about in a ubiquitous fashion. Even the wood pigeons - boring bastards though they be - are silent.

I put - as is my habit - some bread out on the top of the old coal bunker yesterday morning. It's all still there halfway through today.

It's hot here again, but even during the last heatwave - which was a lot harsher than this one is going to be - the birds were still about.

Where could they have gone?

Is this the precursor of something ominous, as described in this song from Hawkwind's 1990 album Space Bandits? Will we "...no longer hear the fluttering of wings"?

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Update: I had to go to the pharmacy down in the village this afternoon and still didn't see any birds along the way. What the flock's going on?

* From the old Noo Yoik/Noo Joizey rhyme: "Der Spring iz sprung / Der grass iz riz / I wonder where dem boidies iz? / Der boids iz on der wing. Ain't dat absoid? / Surely der wings iz on der boid?".