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Date: 26/07/03

Hi, Tech! Or, How IT Can Stop The World

Scarcely half an hour after the last update on this page, my trusty PC started giving me the runaround. To cut a long story short, it has taken me a fortnight to get the bastard straightened out, and time alone will tell whether it'll behave itself in the long term.

I thought that it was children who were supposed to go through the 'terrible twos'?

I can't claim a great deal of technical insight for the final resolution of the problems (which involved 0E errors, sudden power-offs and all sorts of wacky events). I don't think that I would be up and running even now if I hadn't inadvertently erased the boot files on the hard drive - meaning that I had to reformat the drive for the third time in ten days.

I blame Bill Gates. Well, I mean, everybody else does.