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Date: 01/10/05

A Message To The People Of Iraq

This is the 'democracy' Mr Blair wants you to have:

Photo of Walter Wolfgang being dragged from his seat

82-year-old Mr Walter Wolfgang is dragged from his seat at the Labour Party's annual conference after telling Foreign Secretary Straw that he was talking nonsense about Iraq. Mr Wolfgang, a party member since the time when Tony Blair was just figuring out how to wank, was later prevented from returning to the conference hall by the police using powers granted under the Terrorism Act.

Another delegate (the chairman of a constituency Labour party) who went to Mr Wolfgang's assistance was also attacked by these thugs and forcibly ejected.

Luckily for us all, this was all captured on camera and the footage shown around the world (even on the BBC!). This led Labour Party chairman Ian McCartney (a man who is the living embodiment of the philosopher Hobbes' description of human existence, in that he is nasty, brutish [...] and short') to give a humiliating apology to Mr Wolfgang (but not to the other victim), and for Blair himself to give a completely insincere and unconvincing apology from the conference platform.

In other developments, Labour MP Austin Mitchell had his camera seized by police and the images on it deleted, and delegates were prevented from taking sweets into the venue lest they be used as missiles.

All this in the name of 'security'. Whose?

We now quite clearly have a government of corporate puppets, with an ingrained Blackshirt mentality, surrounding a leader full of Messianic delusions standing at the heart of a huge personality cult. This may have given Mr Wolfgang a touch of déja vu - he came here in 1937 to escape something similar in Germany.

Elsewhere, six peaceful protestors have been found guilty of 'aggravated trespass' for handing out leaflets protesting against a business conference held at Lancaster University last year; a conference which was attended by corporations with very dubious business ethics (weapons systems manufacturers BAE and pollution specialists Shell, for example). The University (where the six activists are students) is headed by a man with no experience of running a university, and so presumably with no notion of the key part that universities have to play as bulwarks against the erosion of the freedom to dissent.

The George Fox 6, standing with their mouths taped

More details on the case of the 'George Fox 6' here.

This is the 'freedom' Mr Bush wants you to have:

Cindy Sheehan being arrested

Anti-war campaigner Cindy Sheehan (who lost her son to Bush's illegal war on your country) is arrested for addressing a peaceful protest outside the White House, whose illegitimate resident refuses to answer her questions about the real reasons for his war on a defenceless country with a strategic location close to Israel which just happens to be sitting on huge oil reserves.

Cindy Sheehan has asked Bush for a meeting many times, having conducted a protest outside Bush's bunker in Crawford, Texas during the alleged president's lengthy summer vacation there. Still Bush refuses, prefering instead to send out one of his goons to make an anodyne statement to the corporate media, or encouraging vicious personal attacks on her through his contacts and supporters in those same media.

And just to think, people of Iraq: all this could be yours too if you'd only stop fighting to remove illegal occupiers from your sovereign territory! I can't imagine why you don't give in right away...

As-Salamu Alaykum - 'Peace Be Upon You' in Arabic