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Date: 06/07/07

P(l)ay Nicely, Now!

If you, Mr, Mrs and Ms UK Taxpayer, ever wondered how some of your money is spent, I can give you an example.

As I've adverted to before, I work in a major branch of the home civil service. On the Departmental intranet back in mid-April, I saw this:

"Dealing With The Cultural Change Aspects Of Desk Sharing

"The cultural change consultants supporting the move to desk sharing are offering 2 types of support event, Preparation workshops aimed at the individual and Etiquette workshops for teams."

(Note the inappropriate use of Capital Letters: always the sure sign of the self-important Tit)

It appears that, in one of the Depratment's headquarters buildings, things have come to such a pretty state that ten very senior members of staff are having to share eight desks between them. Hence, presumably, the need to train them. After all, we've only been doing it in the 'front-line' offices for, ooh, fifteen to twenty years now.

The Depratment has one of those 'feedback' mechanisms whereby you can e-mail questions to the grands fromages, and they will answer them...sometimes...

So, on April 18, I asked the following questions:

That was April 18. By late May, I still hadn't had a reply, so I resubmitted the questions.

Early July. Still no response. Perhaps even the Grand Masters Of Obfuscation can't come up with a form of words for it.

I think it only fair, then, that I let you know that this is one of the ways in which Your Tax Pounds Are At Work.

(This public service broadcast is dedicated to Neil Hiatt)