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Date: 10/07/07

Bought And Sold (Out)

I have come, reluctantly, to the conclusion that for most of us, ethical shopping is simply impossible. Here's another example.

Just under a year ago, I reported that I would no longer shop at Iceland because of the company's decision to close a local distribution depot. Since the end of September last, therefore, I have not darkened Iceland's door.

This left me in a small fix about where to get my frozen foods.

I found a nice shop called Cooltrader on the Island Green estate, and so I've bought much of my frozen stuff (and other things besides) there. A particular discovery was that of the scrummy ice-cream chocolate mousse made by the German Bofrost company.

A few weeks ago, however, I noticed that they were stocking one or two of Iceland's own-brand products.

I did some research and have found, to my dismay, that Cooltrader is a subsidiary of...yep, Iceland.

I give up. I honestly do. Tomorrow, I'm going to Asda to fill my trolley with Coca-Cola and Nestlé products, prior to buying a shit-load of shares in BAe Systems. I might even kick a cripple in passing, just to be consistent...