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Date: 02/09/07

Beat This!

I've just opened a carton of eggs. On the inside of the lid, it says:

Allergy advice: Contains egg.

Where the hell are we in this world?

Do we really have to guard our society against people who are sufficiently stupid to think that eggs don't contain egg? And what might these benighted folk think eggs do contain? Marzipan? Kevlar? A minor suburb of Budapest?

This is what happens when you get a litigious society: everyone has got to cover every possible eventuality, including that of unstifled human imbecility. Whatever happened to caveat emptor?

In his novel The Number Of The Beast, Robert A. Heinlein gives a brief description of life in a parallel-universe analogue of our world. In it, 1965 appears in the history books as "The Year They Hanged The Lawyers". I can't help but wonder if we missed something there...