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Date: 16/03/08

Free Tibet!

(Sorry, I'm long overdue with this)

Flag of Tibet

All nations have the right to self-determination.

Get that? All nations.

However large, however small. However seemingly all-powerful the occupying power may be. However much money the occupying power may have.

And yet, this simple fact seems to be lost on those who rule us and the commercial interests who own them. That is why we will no doubt see senior representatives of our governing cliques in Beijing this summer supporting the most tarnished Olympic games since the notorious 'Master Race' Olympics of 1936. For all their self-righteous prattling about 'freedom' and 'human rights', money and the chance to be seen will quell what little remains of their consciences.

I'd only be surprised if anyone was surprised by this. After all, these are the people who - whilst lecturing countries such as Iran and Zimbabwe for their obvious failings - will say nothing, but nothing about the massive abuses of human rights and negation of democracy seen in, for example, the theocratic brutality of Saudi Arabia, the dissident-murdering thuggery of Uzbekistan, and - natch - the expansionist imperialists of the so-called 'People's Republic of China'.

Of course, the Saudis have the oil, the Uzbeks have a strategic importance in helping the West's corporate states surround the Islamic (and - completely coincidentally, of course - resource-rich) world with a ring of military power, and the Chinese effectively own the United States' nosediving economy (and - by extension - our own). So, no boat-rocking please.

As with South Africa a generation ago, it will be up to the citizens of the self-styled 'free democracies' to put the pressure on the venal retards who claim to represent us in order that some semblance of an ethical result can be achieved. Not just for Tibet, but for the increasingly threatened Taiwanese, and for the population of China itself.

Clicking on the flag above will take you to the Free Tibet Campaign.