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Date: 21/03/08

Sick To Death

(Actually, the title could almost apply to me, having been laid up for 24 hours with a terrifying attack of what we doctors call 'The Shits')

Back on January 9, I reported on the disgraceful treatment of Ama Sumani, a terminally-ill woman forcibly deported to Ghana.

Sadly, Ms Sumani died a couple of days ago. She leaves two children of school age.

What this update is really about, however, is the following, part of a statement issued by Lin Homer, chief executive of the Border and Immigration Agency.

"This is a sad case, and all of us feel sympathy for her family at this time."

Don't bullshit us, you hypocritical cow! Your thuggish organisation couldn't give a flying fuck at the Moon, otherwise you'd have exercised some compassion in the first place.

Oh, and are you the same Lin Homer who had to resign from her post as chief executive of Birmingham City Council because of partiality to NuLabour and your incompetent handling of postal voting? I wonder how you got your new job, dearie?