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Date: 23/06/08

Bucking Fusses!

A little while since we had one of these, but having stood waiting for over half an hour just now before giving up in disgust and going back in the house, I think it's time for...

This Week's Non-ARRIVAls!

(And it's only halfway through Monday)

Day Date Service Direction Time
Monday 23/06/08 13 Brymbo-Wrexham 1208 No show
Monday 23/06/08 12 Brymbo-Wrexham 1218 No show
Friday 23/06/08 12 Brymbo-Wrexham 1228 No show

Yes, that's right - three buses in a frigging row!

Perhaps, dear Arriva, you could try spending a bit more of the money you get from us by raising (sorry, I meant 'revising') your fares every six months on employing enough drivers to cover for absences, or on buying new vehicles, or on not constantly palming us off with vehicles which are clapped out from having been run into the ground in Liverpool and Manchester for the better part of a decade beforehand. Apart from the prestigious X94 express route to Barmouth (got to keep up appearances), there's hardly a bus running out of the Wrexham depot which is less than ten years old.

Better still, why not 'revise' your timetable to reflect reality and stop taking us for a ride in the other sense of the term?

Update: Some of the problems have actually been caused by an emergency road closure at the bottom end of Brymbo, which is causing an alternative timetable to be operated. But this has not been communicated adequately to passengers. My other criticisms of Arriva still stand.

Arriva logo changed to read 'Non-arrival'