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Date: 25/08/08


It's August! It's still bloody August!!

Washed my hair just now, and while the bath was running I went to put a towel at the top of the bath so that I could rest my head on it.

Bringing my hand up, I brushed it against a box of cotton buds which was on top of the cabinet...

...A recently-opened box of cotton buds...

...A recently-opened box of two hundred cotton buds.

The whole frigging lot fell in the bath.

Any spy camera in there would then have been treated to the sight of me - without my glasses on because of the steam, of course - playing an unwished-for game of indoor Poohsticks as the buds floated under the bath rack looking like a bonsai albino version of a Canadian river during the logging season.

I think I'll pretend it's September for the next week.