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Date: 27/10/08

Bucking Follocks!

Got home just now to find a letter waiting for me, with the franking mark of the organisation I recently applied to work for.

I should have known by the fact that it was a standard-sized envelope that I hadn't got through even the first stage of the application process. And so it has proved.

(I won't name the organisation concerned, except to say that I have to Advise them that, however Conciliatory the tone of their rejection, I find their decision to be quite Arbitrary).

I also should have known that I wouldn't get through because of that 'competence-based' application form balls. It seems that employers (particularly in the public sector) now only want an easy way of rejecting people, followed by eventually employing people who may end up being crap at the job, but who know how to feed them bullshit.

I still have one possible way forward out of the mindfuck that my current job entails, and I'll be pondering my next move this week.