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Date: 12/11/08

A Hopeless Proposition

So, the US of A is now a land of hope and love, eh?

Then why did so many - on the same day which saw the canonisation of St Barack - vote for ballot propositions which will make it illegal for gay people to marry? Even if they have already married? The usual unholy alliance of pig-ignorant redneckery, neo-Con opportunism and priest-promoted superstitious fear combined to tell gay citizens of the United States that they are now, and must forever be, inferior citizens simply on the grounds of their sexuality. As if that were important.

Sort yourselves out, Americans, before telling us how we should be doing things.

Here's Keith Olbermann getting into his stride on the topic (bit of a drama queen sometimes, our Keith, but as so often, he's right):

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And here's one of my heroes, Roy Zimmermann, putting it into song:

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(Tip of my wig to my old chum Alex for the first link)