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Date: 13/06/10

Going Backwards

I think that on the whole I've had better weeks than this one.

It was supposed to be a week where - off work for my standard June fortnight - I was going to chill out, enjoy my birthday, perhaps get some major tidying up done around the house and garden, and go out for a day somewhere.

Instead of which: Tex Burke died (see here); someone I knew in sixth form died suddenly the same day at the age of 48 (deeply worrying when contemporaries start dropping off the twig through variations of 'natural causes' - a major epileptic seizure in this case); the weather's been generally shite; I still can't get that reel-to-reel tape recorder to function properly so that I can digitise my old tapes; the drain at the back of the house has got itself bunged up again less than a fortnight after my next-door neighbour rodded it through; and my dear friends at Arriva have managed to rejig the bus timetables so that the one I want to take me to and from work (the one which doesn't go through the village with the largest concentration of neds and no-marks this side of Speke) runs exactly - but exactly - half an hour out from when I would like it to.

Have all the planets gone bloody retrograde, or what?