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Date: 19/03/12

Today's Non-ARRIVAls!

Not done one of these in a while, but - like its subject matter - it's long overdue:

Day Date Service Direction Time
Monday 19/03/12 12 Brymbo-Wrexham 07:09 No show (second Monday in a row)
Monday 19/03/12 14 Wrexham-Brymbo 13:35 Took the wrong route (*)

(* There's a diversion which means that traffic can't come out of town past the Hospital. Instead, the buses which usually go that way are supposed to run out along Mold Road and Berse Road, then up Rhyd Broughton Lane to the roundabout, swing around that and then back onto the usual route. Guess who didn't get the memo today, then? Yep, he missed that bit completely and left me standing there like a lemon).

Arriva logo changed to read 'Non-arrival'

Oh, and let's hear it for our local council and our wonderful, efficient private utilities. Watery Road was chaos for about three weeks last month while they resurfaced it. Now it's going to be one-way again for at least a month - so that the new tarmac can be dug up to lay cables.