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Date: 30/12/12

Tagged Out

I bloody knew that this would happen!

Having some time off work meant that I made good progress on proof-reading all the pages for The Great Revamp™, so yesterday I was ready to start validating the html on them all.

The first page I tried to validate failed. I'd missed out one of these:


Those in the know will recognise the above as the closing tag for a hyperlink.

The hyperlink in question was in a line of code for the navigation bar.

And, Eris, Murphy and Sod being who they are, I had copied that line of code to other pages as well.

How many pages?

Oh, only about eleven hundred or so.

So instead of having the revamped site set to go up in time to see in 2013, I'm now going to have to spend a few days sticking four characters of code into nearly every page. It's not so much that it'll take ages, it's just that I think I'm going to lose the will to live before I finish it.


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